How can I raise money to donate to charity?

This is a question that I often found myself asking as a child and young adult. I wanted to donate to charity but I really didn’t have any money of my own. Here are a couple of easy and fun ways to make some money to put towards the charity or organization of your choice.

-School fundraisers! Start off by asking your parents and principal for permission to make sure your idea is possible for them to help you with. Before this step, make sure you have some background information so you aren’t purposing an idea with no depth or ideas behind it. Choose what kind of fundraiser you want to hold (ideas will be in a link below!) Then decide where you want the proceeds to go to. Ask your parents or a teacher to help you find a legitimate organization that you can trust with the money you’ve raised. After you’ve taken these steps, get some friends or classmates involved to help you with it. Running an entire fundraiser by your self can be an extremely tough task and its best that you have some additional support. Make sure to have an adult involved so they can handle any technicalities or help with the donation process.

Click here for fundraising ideas:

-Split your allowance. I use this technique whenever i’m looking to save some money. If you get allowance from your parents or money from doing odd jobs around the house, put half of the money in a savings jar or piggy bank. Example: If your allowance is $4, keep $2 for yourself and put $2 into your jar. This method might take a bit more time but you’d be surprised how much you’re capable of saving! TIP: If you have any loose change, throw it in the jar as well!

-Hold a garage sale. We all have old junk that we haven’t touched in years so why not get rid of it? Gather up some old toys, games, dishes, ANYTHING that you have that can be sold for a garage sale. You can also ask your parents, family and friends to get involved if they want to contribute to your donation as well.

Don’t even raise money! If none of these methods work for you, you can always contact the organization you’re wishing to help and ask them what YOU can do. Offer to volunteer or promote them on social media. Volunteering is a great way to help your charity or organization of choice by taking action and its completely free!


  • If you’re choosing to donate to a local animal shelter or humane society, to ensure your money is going to your preferred use, most of their websites provide a list of items they might be in need of.

I hope these ideas gave you some inspiration to take action and make a positive contribution to society! If you have any other ideas, feel free to comment below!

Upcoming Blog Post: Legitimate organizations to support for your social justice topic of choice!


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