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Picking up litter can be fun!

Can an app really make picking up litter fun? It sure can! Watch this TED talk by Jeff Kirschner to learn all about it.

For more information go to

or download the app here:


2 thoughts on “Picking up litter can be fun!”

  1. Let alone fun – I love that picking up litter can create a community that people WANT to be a part of, and can provide data to cities and brands that motivates them economically to make a change that will ultimately result in less litter. One question I always have about litter clean ups is about where the litter is going once it’s picked up? We often buy a plastic bag to put the litter in, and then send it to a dump which is just another piece of land where it’s acceptable to litter en masse, where some of the concerns about wildlife eating the plastic still exist … But I’ll embrace every small step on the way to a more eco-balanced world and I think this is pretty brilliant. Thanks for the share!


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