Activism, Bullying

Take a stand against bullying in school, as these students did so well:

These students showed true compassion and friend ship by making Danny feel included, loved and accepted. If you see someone at school being bullied here are some steps you can take to help the victim and prevent the bullies from doing it again:

-Tell a teacher or trusted adult whats going on. Don’t be afraid to tell someone whats happening, you will not be blamed or punished. By telling the truth and taking steps toward solving the problem, you’re helping the victim and stopping the bully.

Be A friend to the victim. If you don’t think its safe to try to stop the bullies yourself. Try to be a friend to the victim. Don’t pity them but small acts of kindness could go a long way. Things like inviting them to sit with you at lunch or play with you at recess, say hi to them in the halls, compliment them or just be kind!

If it feels safe, Stand up to the bully and tell them to stop. Not all situations are safe, use your intuition to guide yourself to a proper solution. If someone is being verbally abuse to another classmate/friend, in a calm way try telling them to stop or to go somewhere else. No need to yell or be aggressive, just a few calm words in an effort to make them go away.

-Follow up to make sure action has been taken. Schools deal with a lot of issues. Sometimes this can cause bullying to get swept under the rug which is not okay. Follow up by checking in with your teachers, principal or even the victim to make sure action has been taken.


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