Activism, Bullying, LGBTQ + Sexism

A very important post for a very important group – The Get REAL Movement

I first discovered the get real movement when we watched a video in class called “To my Grade 7 Self.” This video featured members of the get real team sharing advice with their younger self. This video had a big impact on me because it showed me that being mean to others to be accepted is something you will always regret. As a child I thought it was important to do anything an everything to be accepted, even if that meant being mean to others and not being myself. Through watching this video I realized that I needed to change and be the kind, generous and tolerant person that I was before I was overcome by social pressure. Later on that same year The Get REAL Movement did a presentation at my school for all of the students. Right off the bat i found them so relatable and easy to listen to. They told real stories about experiences they’ve gone through and how it shaped them into who they are today. Throughout my school years the team did a presentation for us every pink day and every year I became more and more of a fan of what they stand for and who they are as people. Standing up against bullying has such a positive contribution to society and I truly believe that the TDSB, Canada and the world have changed because of the efforts and actions of The Get Real Team. Check out their website and youtube videos for more info!


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