What we are about!

All In This Together is a website I have created to give people a safe and welcoming place to learn about social justice issues that are going on in our society today and how YOU as an individual can have a positive contribution to potentially solving these issues. In our society today we face a lot of issues with discrimination and inequality. A lot of the time these issues end up being talked about on social media or in the news, but very few people take real action towards solving the issue. As a teenager I know how it feels to think that your retweet on twitter or like on Instagram is spreading awareness and helping society but unfortunately, that is simply not enough. This website will give you specific actions YOU can take towards your issue of choice to help you become a real activist, not just a social media one. Unlike many websites, I have not narrowed it down to one single topic simply because there are so many that I am passionate about. I strive to inspire people to take action towards what they are passionate about and even learn more about other social justice topics in the process. Here, one issue is not more important than the other, I simply just hope that you read through a few posts and feel inspired to have an impact on the world.  The process is simple, head over to our blog and look for a topic you are passionate about. Read through some of our posts and find out how you can go out into the world and have an impact on this issue/topic. Our goal is to teach you how to be an activist in today’s society! If we want change, we have to be the change! Remember, at the end of the day we all share the same earth so why not make it a place that we are proud of. We’re all in this together! 🙂